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Date(s) - May 3 , 2023 - Sep 30 , 2023

Parco delle Mura

Mura Festival


The Mura Festival is an annual event that lasts 140 days along the Verona city walls. The festival offers children, young people, families, sportsmen and women, the elderly, lovers of music and theatre, good food and creative handicrafts many experiences. The event celebrates culture, art, sport, entertainment, training, games, leisure, relaxation, creative handicrafts, local products, in a green oasis of great historical and cultural value.
This year, people have the opportunity to take part in over 600 events and workshops of all kinds. Given the festival’s focus on food, there is a weekly food truck area to immerse people in a gourmet world food tour: from meatballs to arrosticini, from gourmet burgers to “polenta col musso” (a typical Veronese dish), from Venezuelan cuisine to fusion cuisine with plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options.
Mura Festival marks the return of the show in a safe, open-air space where each evening is dedicated to a different artistic project. Every day it will be possible also to try out a different wellness discipline, including yoga, Pilates, running, functional training, parkour, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and much more.
The event is promoted by the Unesco Department of Verona and lasts for 20 consecutive weeks.

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