Headquarters of Verona City Municipality, Palazzo Barbieri is a neoclassical building constructed around the middle of the nineteenth century in Piazza Bra.
Located on the north-eastern side of the square, it was initially conceived to house the soldiers of the Civic Guard Corps during the Austrian occupation.
Inspired by the forms of the ancient Roman temples, the palace was designed by the engineer Giuseppe Barbieri and is characterised by a protruding Corinthian pronaos accessed by a wide staircase, surmounted by a large triangular pediment in which the city’s coat of arms is inserted.
Palazzo Barbieri, whose interiors have been used as administrative offices, has several rooms with valuable works of art that are well worth a visit. The Sala di Rappresentanza, the Sala degli Arazzi and the Sala del Consiglio Comunale are noteworthy for their paintings and furnishings.