The Parco Giardino Sigurtà, about 30 km from Verona, offers a spectacle of green spaces as far as the eye can see with amazing seasonal blooms. One of the highlights is the famous “Tulipanomania” between March and the beginning of May, when hundreds of thousands of tutipaniums of all shades of colour bloom in unison. Then there is the “Avenue of Three Thousand Roses”, which in May covers more than a kilometre of promenade.

Also worth visiting are the “Labyrinth” of 1,500 yew trees that form a path over an area of 2,500 sq.m., the “Water Gardens” and the “Great Oak”. Other places of interest are: the Castelletto, the Horizontal Sundial, the Stone of Youth and the Hermitage. A riot of greenery and ponds – in which hundreds of water lilies and lotus flowers, water hibiscuses and papyruses triumph in summer – where you can stroll and enjoy fantastic views, on foot or by electric golf-cart, panoramic train, electric shuttle or bicycle.