For lovers of traditional pizza, Pizzium has also arrived in Verona with its rich selection of regional pizzas made with high-quality local ingredients. The new pizzeria welcomes guests, with its 83 seats and a dehors of about 46 seats, in a Neapolitan-style establishment. The unmistakable classic Neapolitan pizza, made with a highly digestible and fragrant dough, is offered in combination with Italian gastronomic delicacies: tasty bruschette, ‘Panuozzum’ and regional desserts ranging from Neapolitan babà to Sicilian cannolo. Other pizzas and pairings are created by Nanni Arbellini, an experienced Neapolitan master pizza maker and founding partner of the brand.
Pizzium’s style is unique and original: a warm, informal ambience that feels like home, with intimate, old-world atmospheres and an unmistakable gastronomic offering.

Thanks to its creative and contemporary approach, Pizzium is expanding rapidly in Italy. Each restaurant is unique because it draws inspiration from the land that hosts it, without giving up the best of Naples and Campania. Since 2017, Pizzium has reached 31 venues in Italy, with 8 in Milan and Lombardy, 4 in Turin, 2 in Rome, Bologna, Parma, Piacenza, Novara, Reggio Emilia, Florence, Genoa, Salerno, Naples and now in Verona, the first ever opening in Veneto.